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Ferralez (Modern Mediterranean)

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

There is no bigger pressure that a builder can put on themselves than building for friends. When Matt and Jenna reached out, they had started the process with another builder, but weren’t completely sure what they wanted to do. They gave us the opportunity to help them, and what happened was truly special. We took the preliminary concept they had and worked together to improve the concept in more than a few areas. We optimized the areas of the design that were already perfect and improved the few areas that needed it. Jenna’s vision inside emphasized bright accent colors, bold cabinet combinations, beautiful stone selection, and an eye for the details. In the end, with a little help from us, the Ferralez Project took a classic Mediterranean concept and brought it into the 21st century with style and grace.

What the Home Owner had to say:

"Kelly and Matt were so great to work with! Building a home can be very stressful, but these guys explained everything well and gave us the information we needed to make the best decision.

Because we don't do this everyday, there were things that we would have never caught but they did. If a subcontractor did subpar work, they made sure it was redone correctly. They were also very transparent about costs and allowed us to be involved in the selection of all materials. If we found something on sale, they encouraged us to purchase it so it would help in the overall costs. What would be considered an upgrade for other contractors, was the standard for them. A perfect example of this is spray foam insulation vs the fiberglass batting.

Matt and Kelly communicated well throughout the entire process and we are so happy with out forever home. We have recommended them to several friends and we will continue to do so!" - Jenna Ferralez


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