Four Steps to Getting You into Your Dream Home!

Not sure where to start? We broke down the process of building a new home into 4 simple steps. Click any one of the steps to learn more.

Sales Phase

Talk with a local lender


Find the perfect location


Watch it happen.

Post Construction

We stand by our houses

Signing a Contract

Sales Phase

During the Sales Phase, we work with you to find the perfect location for your home, come up with the ideal floor plan and design, and nail down the cost to build your Fort.

Initial Contact

Give us a call or fill out the form

Site Selection

Where are we building

Design Selection

Pick your package

Proposal Phase

Let’s price it out


Sign on the dotted line

Did you know?

We have strong relationships with local lenders. If you're needing financing, we can help you get it with our connections! Learn More


Need help finding a GREAT lender?



During the Pre-Construction phase we finalize your construction drawings, start to identify your preferred finishes, and start the permitting process to build your Fort.

Plan Approval

Final review checklist


Pick your finishes


SWPPP and Grading & Drainage


Line up services


Submit to the City or County

Did you know?

As a licensed New Mexico Civil Engineer, Kelly is able to perform all engineering work in-house.

Need design and style ideas?

Roof Construction


Let’s start moving dirt and going vertical! We’ll have a groundbreaking ceremony for good luck and discuss the 6 emotional highs while building – breaking ground, pouring concrete, framing, sheetrock, cabinets and counters, and getting the keys!

Pad Prep

Let’s move some dirt


Let’s pour some concrete


Watch it pop up overnight


The life blood of your home


Put your personal touch to it

Did you know?

The average time it takes us to complete home is 8 months.

Have questions about our process?



When you build a Fort, we’ll be there for you long after we finish. We truly believe that our product withstands the test of time better than any of our competitors, but we’ll drop in from time to time to just make sure it is!


Home orientation time


What’s last on the list

1 Year Warranty

The Las Cruces standard

Extended Warranty

Inquire about options

Annual Inspection

Let us take a look every year

Did you know?

As long as you own your house, we will always be available to our customers.